The Matthew 25 Mission

This year we have decided to sponsor Matthew 25 Mission which is a Christian charity offering practical assistance and support to anyone in need regardless of race, religion, age or gender. 

We personally got involved with The Matthew 25 Mission as at the beginning of 2017 when we had a homeless man - Kevin, take up residence on a bench opposite the hotel. Catherine Clifford, one of the partner's, strove to help him to seek help and get himself off the street and eating properly. After several calls and investigation in who and where could help him, Catherine came across The Matthew 25 Mission. At first Kevin was not really keen on getting any help but eventually he was persuaded to go and visit them and from that moment onwards he started on his journey to getting to a better place in this life. 

The Matthew 25 Misson provide a listening ear and sympathetic pastoral care with information and advice as well as provision of food, clothing and basic necessities. 

Volunteers at the Mission aim to support people trying to rebuild broken lives, especially those with life-threatening addictions, loneliness, bereavement, unemployment, homelessness, offending issues and other challenges.

They can direct people to specialist agencies while maintaining links of friendship and compassion and a safety net to help anyone who might be marginalised by society.

Over the last 17 years the project has helped many to find their way back into society again.

As a business we are donating food items to them monthly, doing fundraising events and we will be either cooking or providing them with the raw ingredients for Christmas Day.  

You can help the charity by volunteering, donating food and money.

In the picture gallery you will see images of the food and clothes they provide, Caroline Ansell and Graham Horsnell (the charities Administrator),  cake sales, Kevin and Catherine on the bench he made his home opposite the hotel and them having a catch up and some lunch! 

You can find out further information about them here